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The Leadership Room

The premier leadership training program. Preparing today's leaders for tomorrow's challenges.
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The Leadership Room uniquely leverages the best of three proven approaches to management development: on the job training, one-on-one executive coaching and leadership development.

TLR advantages:
  • Small groups of executives
  • 8 – 10 participants per group results in significant individual attention
  • Different companies represented (non-competitors)

Combining executives from different companies, industries and disciplines ensures all participants are exposed to varied and enriching business perspectives. This mix creates an intense, yet “safe” leadership training environment.

Meet over the course of 12 months

Eight full‐day meetings plus group, peer and individual phone calls translates to more than 80 hours of development support. Time between meetings allows participants to test new ideas and insights on-the‐job then return to the group for further direction and reinforcement.

In expert-facilitated sessions

Utilizing advanced executive coaching techniques expert facilitators push the learning agenda, provide new thinking and insights and point out opportunities for participants to model different behaviors.

To do real work

Each participant must present and solve a current business issue with the group’s active participation. Working on business challenges with peers from different companies and industries dramatically expands each participant’s business perspective.

And challenge and learn from one another 

Participants track their progress, discuss their results and learnings with the group and receive further direction and reinforcement. Peer-coaching fosters independent and agile learners and encourages collaboration.

Most Internal And External Development Programs
In The Leadership Room
20-50 participants8-10 participants
Instructor-driven Facilitator-steered, participant-driven
Limited individual attention Significant individual attention and customization
Single or multi-day sessions Initial two-day session followed by six single-day sessions
Limited or no follow-up On-the-job practice between sessions, significant follow up in later sessions
Focus on cases or lectures Focus on real work, hands-on learning activities
Internal programs gather leaders a single company Participants from different companies

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