The Leadership Room

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The Leadership Room

The premier leadership training program. Preparing today's leaders for tomorrow's challenges.
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The Leadership Room delivers improved individual, team and corporate performance for shareholders

For The Participant
For The Company
Progress on an existing barrier/learning opportunity/issueDiscernable return on investment
Broader business perspectiveStronger leadership pipeline
Better ability to incorporate disparate viewsImproved individual performance
Perspective that accelerates on-the-job learningImproved leadership capabilities that drive performance in colleagues
Greater self‐awareness and ability to self‐correctCost‐effective alternative to job rotation and/or private coaching
Stronger contributions in current roleExecutive development approach that is easily scaled
Ready sooner for next roleGreater employee commitment and engagement

Results of the leadership program are measured through:
  • Assessments by participant’s manager at the outset of the program and after the final session
  • Participants self‐assess progress against individual learning plans
  • For organizations with more than five participants, composite 360° scores can be reported prior to the first session and after the final session
  • For those who participate in the program and the people they work with, the results have proven immediate and significant.

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