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The Leadership Room

The premier leadership training program. Preparing today's leaders for tomorrow's challenges.
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Each session includes at least one learning module. “Leadership Paradigms” and “Skillful Conflict” are presented in sessions 1 and 2 of the leadership training program.

Each program will then include six additional modules, selected from the following based on each group’s particular learning needs:

Leadership Paradigms
Gain deeper insight into your own leadership beliefs, assumptions and behavior patterns &em; your personal “Leadership Paradigm.” Use this knowledge to leverage strengths and build new leadership skills. Develop a better appreciation for other leader paradigms and learning needs.
Skillful Conflict
Practice engaging with and stepping into difficult conversations. Look at avoidance tendencies, practice managing emotions and learn how to create constructive dialogue by speaking with candor and tuning into others. Learn how to support and facilitate constructive conflict between others in the organization.
Driving Execution
Apply well-established and new methods for execution and turn strategies into realities. Learn to help teams translate strategies into daily choices and business decisions. Learn how to align groups and coordinate multiple initiatives to increase organization focus and reduce obstacles to effectiveness. Design feedback loops to learn and make adjustments as plans are executed.
Making Smart Decisions / Critical Thinking
Explore the reasoning, bias, judgment and emotional factors that contribute to decision-making. Look at approaches to weighing facts, seeking opinions and assessing risk. Examine ways for making decisions when there is uncertainty and avoid the top “red flags” to poor decision-making. Learn methods for establishing sound decision-making systems in teams.
Connecting To The Profit Equation
Develop and build on understanding of the profit equation for your business. Look at individual contribution to shareholder value in the context of the organization’s profit and business models.
Driving Innovation
Learn to foster innovation for strategic advantage – including assessing opportunities to take smart risks, and looking at the business with fresh and objective eyes. Learn to build the organization’s innovative capabilities by using tools to map problems, utilize diverse viewpoints and enhance right brain thinking.
Managing Across Generations
Learn to work effectively across generations by understanding differences and learning to capitalize on these. Learn how historical events have shaped generational views and analyze baby boomer, and Generation X and Y social norms and values. Learn to apply tools for communicating effectively across generations to drive performance.
Effective Teams
Learn to build, manage and participate in effective teams. Explore types of teams, and the structures, dynamics and keys to success for each type. Learn how to align goals and expectations, clarify roles and decision-making, and build dialogue skills to solve team problems and drive team success.
Creating Change That Sticks
Learn to drive change by balancing command and control methods with a consultative model. Understand why even positive change is resisted. Design strategies to compel others to adopt change and act. Analyze context, business case and primary objections to change, and create tactics which compel others to act. Learn to leverage grass roots forces, engaging and connecting others to changes that most affect them. Work with narratives; explore how stories and metaphors inspire and persuade audiences.
Coaching For Results
Explore how to develop others and optimize their performance. Learn how to recognize the root strengths and development needs which drive behavior and results. Practice coaching methods to facilitate learning and change - uncovering internal motivations and helping others to notice and manage their attention, time investments and habits.
Adjusting To The New Baseline
Learn how to mobilize employees during tough times. Explore new rules of employee engagement and learn to lead in the face of uncertainty by embracing turbulence, fostering positive work environments, engendering trust and tapping into employees’ personal motivations. Discover how to quickly rebound after setbacks and how to open communication channels to reset and recharge the team.
Building Personal Capacity
Learn to reduce stress, sustain performance and avoid becoming overwhelmed Look beyond typical work/life balance models and explore ways to integrate life to achieve greater cognitive, emotional and physical wellness and stamina. Work to align priorities and passions with commitments and time investments. Learn to structure specific activities within your day to replenish and recharge.

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