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MSNBCFor large companies, there may be little a corporation can do to protect against a key executive’s demise. “More frequently, much smaller companies will do this simply because the company can’t survive the executives demise and shareholders want a hedge,” said Gary Rich, president of executive development firm Rich Leadership, about buying key-person policies. “For big companies the insurance available simply won’t remediate a failure to have an effective succession plan.”

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7 Questions That Make Interviewers Cringe

From : Newsday   |  October 18, 2011  

newsday logo“We are in the business of developing leaders, not slouchers,” says Gary Rich, president of Rich Leadership, an executive coaching firm in New York City.

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How To Manage Up

From : Career Builder   |  July 21, 2010  

Melinda Stephenson, cofounder of The Leadership Room, a leadership development program for rising executives says,  ” If your boss can trust you to give a ‘heads up’ and to bring solutions to problems, you’ve built a solid relationship.”

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Take Action Against Job Burn-Out

From : CNN   |  July 21, 2010  

Gary Rich, co-founder of The Leadership Room advises burned-out workers to look at all aspects of their lives. “It’s important to remember that when we suffer from burnout, the cause is seldom related exclusively to work”.

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Smoothing the Way to self Employment

From : New York Times   |  February 9, 2009  

“I’d rather be on the phone here at home with Dell trying to decipher why my computer sounds like a garbage truck than sitting on the 33rd floor of a building in New York writing memos”, says Gary Rich, a former human resources executive and founder of Rich Leadership, an executive coaching firm.

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Job Hunting In A Recession

From : Wall Street Journal   |  January 29, 2009  

“The safest jobs are the ones selling to or servicing customers,” says Gary Rich, president of Rich Leadership, an executive advisory firm in Pound Ridge, N.Y

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Restricting IT Access

From : Human Resource Executive Online   |  February 19, 2008  

Gary S. Rich, of the executive advisory firm Rich Leadership in New York, believes “people need a lot of information to be effective. My problem is with the loss of control.”

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How To Recession Proof Your Career

From : Wall Street Journal   |  January 29, 2008  

“Companies remember those who helped them out through a tough time,”  says
Gary Rich, co-founder of The Leadership Room

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Heirs not Apparent

From : Workforce Management   |  January 1, 2008  

“The board is ultimately accountable to make sure there is succession when it comes to the CEO,” says consultant Gary Rich, a former head of HR for American Express in Europe, the Mideast and Africa. “But I don’t think the board has a clear sense of what [talent] is beneath the CEO.”

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How Wise Newcomers Find Their Way

From : New York Times   |  October 7, 2007  

Be wary of office grumblers, who will also want to talk, said Gary Rich, of the career coaching firm Rich Leadership in Pound Ridge, N.Y. “They will find subtle ways to test the water with you, saying negative things and complaining in a friendly way.”

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