The Leadership Room

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The Leadership Room

The premier leadership training program. Preparing today's leaders for tomorrow's challenges.
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The Leadership Room is an intensive leadership training program that appreciably changes leadership ability and behavior.

The program enables participants to more effectively manage themselves and others while driving their businesses forward. The Leadership Room combines the best of one-on-one executive coaching, executive development programs and on-the-job learning. Together, participants focus on their individual business challenges and leadership skills to achieve significant business results. The benefits are immeasurable.

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Your Mother Was Right

By Glenn Kaufman on 1:21 PM Friday November 13, 2015

I was riding the NYC Subway to a doctor’s office for my annual check up when the train grinded to a halt and sat there for what felt like an eternity.  It moved a few feet, and then again, it stopped.  Three PA announcements came on, each proclaiming a different reason for the delay.  I was now going to be seriously late.  I had no phone signal, and to make matters worse, the train eventually changed tracks and I was now several blocks further away from the office that was my ultimate destination.

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